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Open Tuesday-Sunday

11:00am - 10:00pm

Dopest Place in the Keys

We have united chef driven cuisine, a truly thoughtful craft beer and wine list, and a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere, with the one of the dopest locations in the world. Reefers is perhaps the first gastropub featuring coastal cuisine from all over the world. We put eats and treats on our menu because they are simply awesome - not because of their popularity, value to your health, or our ability to make good money on them. Reefers is conveniently located in paradise for your gastronomic pleasure. We love taking care of you, but buttoned up is not our thing. While you are here, you will find that we are more likely to have a fun conversation with you than genuflect or kiss your rear end. Music is important to Reefers atmosphere and our musical taste is as eclectic as our menu. We will tend to have live musicians outside, and a way overthought playlist spinning inside. If we get a good enough late crowd, the music may get louder, and we may decide to pour a little heavier, or test new menu items on you, but the point is that people get a bit more lively.